Hamilton’s finest team for all your roof and guttering disputes

Unhappy with your current situation, or new roofs and guttering, installed by a third party team? 
Experiencing leaks, stains, damage or unnatural wear and tear on your new roof and guttering solution? 

Give our consultancy team a call, we offer an unbiased consultations service, designed to provide you with a more balanced approach to your roofing needs. When your roof project doesn’t quite go to plan, just have a chat to our roofing consultants, and we can step you through your options and see if we can find a mediated and happy middle ground between your various parties involved. 

Don’t stress when your roof and guttering hasn’t quite worked out the way you would expect it to just give us a call instead?

How does it all work?

When you call The Roofing Specialists to examine and explore the issue to do with your commercial or residential roof and guttering system, there are a few steps to the process. 

Our roofing consultant will undertake an inspection of the 'problem job' where all parties concerned have the option to be onsite. Therein, and during the inspection, a series of photographs will be taken to provide evidence which will be later included in a written report which can be utilised in dispute resolution. 

Our roofing consultant, Frank, is also available for mediation meetings and ongoing technical advice until a mutual solution is reached. We want you to have the best roof possible, and while we can guarantee our services, we can’t guarantee another parties. What we can do, however, is offer our professional and friendly unbiased service onsite, to reach an amicable conclusion in no time 
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