Commercial roofing with a free quote in Hamilton

Does your building need a commercial grade roof to protect your business while also looking great? 

Call us today at the Roofing Specialists, we’re proud to offer you the chance to experience a free quote for every new or old roof we develop. Our no obligation, free quote will include an inspection and consultation, determining exactly what you need and how affordable it’s going to be.

Just call us now and book your business in with the commercial roofing experts at the Roofing Specialists!

Commercial roofing solutions

The team at the Roofing Specialists undertake a wide range of commercial and industrial projects each year, some of these have been featured on our website.

We have also undertaken numerous contracts in schools around Hamilton and the greater Waikato area. We are continuously faced with new products and specifications as the industry expands and new designs are introduced. Our in-house Quantity Surveyor will liaison with project managers, architects & other key trade’s people to come up with the best solutions to meet the specifications and give effective alternatives to provide the optimum results. 

Our staff are up to date with all certifications required for commercial projects and additionally we have a wide range of in-house access equipment which enables us to provide accurate and competitive prices as we can cut out the ‘middle man’ of a hire company. 

Call now for a free quote! 

Commercial roofing consultancy

When Roofing Projects don't necessarily go to plan you can call in a Roofing Consultant to offer unbiased expert advice. Our Roofing Consultant, Frank Thomas, will undertake an inspection of the 'problem job' where all parties concerned have the option to be onsite. During the inspection a series of photographs will be taken to provide evidence which will be later included in a written report which can be utilised in dispute resolution. 
Frank is also available for mediation meetings and ongoing technical advice until a mutual solution is reached. Our unbiased advice will help you reach a solution you both can be happy with: call today and explore our range of professional, personable and unbiased consultancy services. 
Call the Roofing Specialists on 07 849 4160
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